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“Ask Joe Average” features a straightforward, easy-to-navigate design, reflecting our approachable and unpretentious content.

The blog is optimized for desktop and mobile use, ensuring a comfortable reading experience for everyone.

We place a strong emphasis on community and reader engagement. Our comment sections are active and regularly feature reader questions and stories.

Social media channels extend the conversation and build a community of like-minded individuals.

Our mission is to provide the average person with accessible, practical advice for improving their health and lifestyle.

At “Ask Joe Average,” we believe that everyone can make positive changes in their lives, no matter how small, and we are here to guide and support you through each step of your journey.


  1. Realistic Health Tips: Forget extreme diets and impossible workout regimes. We provide sensible health advice that fits the average person’s lifestyle, focusing on achievable goals and sustainable practices.
  2. Fitness for the Regular Joe: Our fitness advice is tailored for those who might not have hours to spend at the gym. We offer home workout tips, office exercise routines, and advice for staying busy.
  3. Everyday Nutrition: No fad diets here. Just simple, straightforward nutritional advice, meal planning tips, and easy, healthy recipes that even the most amateur cook can follow.
  4. Mental Health Matters: We address the mental health needs of the average person with articles on stress reduction, work-life balance, and strategies for improving mental well-being in a hectic world.
  5. Lifestyle and Productivity: From managing a busy schedule to finding time for yourself, our lifestyle section covers how to lead a balanced life, including time management and productivity tips.
  6. Community Questions and Answers: Readers are encouraged to submit their questions addressed in our posts. This interactive platform allows for personalized advice and community support.
  7. Budget-Friendly Wellness: We understand that not everyone has a large budget for health and wellness, so we offer tips on how to stay healthy without breaking the bank.
  8. Tech and Tools: Explore reviews and recommendations on the latest health apps, gadgets, and tools that can assist in tracking and improving your health and fitness.
  9. Success Stories: Be inspired by real-life stories from people like you who have positively changed their health and lifestyle.


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