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Change in the Amazon Affiliate Program: Site Stripe link without images! – Here is the solution

Amazon Affiliate Program

Affiliates and bloggers who use the Amazon Affiliate Program received an email from Amazon a few weeks ago.

In it, Amazon announced that after December 31, 2023, product images created with Site Stripe will no longer work.

On December 1, 2023, two of the SiteStripe features „Image“ and „Text+|mage“ will no longer be available. Links created on your site using Image and Text+|mage will stop working on December 31, 2023. Please remove them from your content as soon as possible if you have not already done so to avoid broken images on your site. Please note that standard text links from Site Stripe will continue to be available and work appropriately.“

In addition to losing affiliate commissions, this results in broken links and problems with SEO rankings.

However, there is one exception – Site Stripe text links still work.

Amazon has already reacted, and images can no longer be created with Site Stripe at the time of article creation.

Site Stripe Image
(Source: amazon)

Using the Amazon affiliate program without Site Stripe images – Summary

The change to Amazon’s Site Stripe is annoying for affiliates, but it also offers opportunities. Even if image ad creation using Site Stripe was easy, the Amazon API is the future.

  • The Amazon Affiliate Plugin (AAWP) is the perfect solution.
  • Alternatively, you can use the ASA 2 plugin.
  • Amazon Scratchpad is cumbersome and not practical.

Using the Amazon affiliate program without Site Stripe images – how it works!

The Amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs worldwide. The articles are easy to integrate and can be marketed nationally and internationally.

Affiliates could previously advertise Amazon products via text links, images or combined text/image ads. You could use Stripe in the front-end site or the Amazon API. However, using these is tied to specific requirements, which is why Site Stripe is so popular.

Amazon API
(Source: Amazon)

At least the simple creation of image ads via Site Stripe is history. However, there are alternatives so that you can continue integrating images into your blog via Amazon’s affiliate program.

Using Amazon product images on your blog – solutions

Let’s start with a downer. All of the solutions presented require access to the Amazon Associates API. I explain how to do this here.

There are currently 2 alternative ways:

  • Amazon Scratchpad
  • Use the Amazon WordPress plugin. My favourite is the super convenient and flexible AAWP plugin. A good alternative is the ASA 2 plugin or the Amazon Affiliate Toolkit.

Integrate images into the blog without a plugin with the free Scratchpad from the Amazon Partner Network

With Scratchpad, Amazon images can be integrated into the blog without an external plugin. You can find the Scratchpad tool by clicking on Tools -> Product Advertising API page on the Partnernet page and scrolling down.

(Source: Amazon)

First, click on the link, then on GetItems on the left and then select on the right:

  • Marketplace (e.g.
  • Partner Type: Associates
  • Partner Tag: you can find your Partner ID at the top right of the Amazon Partneret homepage, e.g. xxxx-21
  • Access Key and Secret Key
  • ItemIds: Amazon ASIN (e.g.: B095RKF23V)
  • Under Resources, select the image file – e.g. images.primary.large for a large image file
  • Click on “Run request”. If everything goes well, the product image will be displayed. Select the HTML response to copy the appropriate HTML code, which you can then paste onto your website.
Scratchpad Parameter
(Source: Amazon)
Scratchpad Result
(Source: Amazon)

The method works without the need to use a plugin. However, it is cumbersome, and the data must be re-entered manually each time. The effort increases enormously as soon as you want to insert several images or articles. That makes no sense.

Embed Amazon images in the blog with a plugin like AAWP or ASA2

The use of Scratchpad makes little sense. There are several recommendable Amazon affiliate plugins on the market. The following points speak in favour of using a plugin:

You can quickly and easily insert Amazon product images into blog posts by using either the Gutenberg editor or a shortcode.



Depending on the plugin, you can define the output of the products in the editor or determine this yourself using HTML templates.

Products can also be added to the WordPress sidebar using widgets.

My personal favourite is the AAWP plugin. No other plugin has such a wide range of functions and is so easy to use.

In terms of price, the plugin easily outweighs Scratchpad’s manual effort.

AAWP Pricing

AAWP Pricing
(Source: AAWP)

AAWP – Amazon Affiliate Plugin at a glance

For me, it is the ideal Amazon affiliate marketing plugin. It’s easy to use and incredibly versatile.

AAWP at a glance
(Source: AAWP)

I use it in combination with the Kadence theme on all my websites.

AAWP plugin and Kadence – a perfect combination

The Kadence WordPress theme is super fast and easy to use. Amazon affiliate links can be easily integrated with the Gutenberg editor as a shortcode or block.


  • You have downloaded the plugin, activated it, entered the license key and entered your Amazon tracking ID correctly.
  • Would you like to include a product or image in your blog post?
  • Select the AAWP block in the Kadence menu. Then click on the data field.
  • AAWP selection
  • The AAWP block opens in the right-hand bar, and you can select the parameters and enter the Amazon ASIN.
  • The product image will then appear in your blog post.

AAWP result

It is a very convenient implementation compared to Scratchpad. It is particularly worthwhile if several Amazon product images are to be inserted.

ASA 2 Plugin for Amazon Affiliates

Another option is the ASA 2 plugin, which has a range of functions comparable to the AAWP plugin. Here, too, Amazon product images can be easily integrated into a post via a block.

In terms of price, both are quite similar, although the ASA plugin is slightly cheaper for multiple domains.

Conclusion – Site Stripe without images

The change to the Amazon affiliate program is annoying. Creating images via Site Stripe was easy and convenient.

The Scratchpad replacement is cumbersome, complicated and ultimately unsuitable.

My preferred alternative is the AAWP plugin. With this tool, you have full control over your Amazon affiliate marketing commissions.

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